Top 10 Must Visit Countries in the World

If you want to explore the best foreign countries, this is the right post for you. The world has lots of adventures and beauties to offer. While it is not possible to cover all of them, you can still consider the top 10.


Now quench your wanderlust by visiting the topmost worth visiting countries. This list recommends the top 10 must visit countries you should consider. If you are planning a foreign trip in the upcoming vacations, do read on.

Top most Countries to Visit in Vacations


Find the best countries you can consider for making your vacations unforgettable.


  1. Spain

If you have a Europe tour in your mind, you cannot ignore this celebrated country. Sunny Spain is a great location during July and August. The brilliant cities of Barcelona and Madrid are wonderful cities for vacationing.


  1. Australia

Australia is a wonder island full of all types of diverse landscapes and beaches. The country is also filled with modern sight-seeing like theme parks, vineyards, and museums. The country accommodates the iconic Opera House in Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef.


  1. Greece

The mythical country is truly one of the top 10 countries to visit. Its rich history and ethereal beauty make it irresistible for the tourists. The terribly famous cities of Athens and Delphi are the best places to visit. The brilliant islands like Santorini, Cythera, and Coru are also strong reasons for visiting Greece.


  1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the most economical options for the foreign tours. With its golden beaches, rich wildlife, and monasteries, it is exceptionally wonderful. The country is thriving with vibrant festivals and welcoming tourism industry. Indeed one of the best global tourist hub.


  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is already known as thegem of Europe. If you love exploring mountain peaks, you have all reasons to visit the country. Make the best out of your foreign trip with soaring Alps and gothic castles. The lakes, countryside and ice-skating sites are beautiful during anytime of the year.


  1. South Africa

South Africa is a great way to bring diversity to your foreign trips. The famous wildlife safaris are too big to miss. The great dessert of Kalahari and Table Mountain are huge must visit natural landscapes.


  1. France

You think about Europe and you think of Paris. France is the leading country when it comes to international visitors. The best part about France is it has a variety of tourist places to offer. Besides the Eiffel Tower, it offers ski resorts, beaches, Alpines, stunning gardens, and much more.


  1. S.A

The United States is a huge country with abundant attractions for the tourists. The major attractions are New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Las Vegas. The country is not only the top hub for employment but also for holidays. The wonderful Hawaiian beaches, Grand Canyon, and National Park serve you all for your vacations.


  1. Italy

Italy is a must covered destination for any Europe tour. For many, it is still a dream destination. The country is an epitome of Renaissance period and mighty Roman Empire. It offers countless cultural, historical sites, and wonderful cuisine. No wonder the country is the 5th most visited among all.


  1. United Kingdom

Here is one of the most sophisticated foreign destinations for your summer vacations. If you are tired of mountains and beaches, this is the best place to visit. The U.K gives you the best urban place to spend your holidays. The most visited city London has everything for food, touring, and shopping.


If any Indian destination is not on your list this time, do check out these foreign destinations.


We are sure you would like our picks. Feel free to share your dream places.

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